25 08 2009

今晩バイクポロする。 集合: 8:30、 四ツ橋筋と長堀ドリのファミリーマルトの前。マレットとバルがあるから自転車だけが必要です。

Playing tonight. Meet at the family mart by the corner of yotsubashi suji and nagahori dori at around 8:30 ish… bring a bike…




24 08 2009

火曜日の夜8:30 ぐらいからバイクポロする。四ツ橋すじと長堀どりの交差点のファミリマルトの前。是非来てください。

We’ll be having our first meeting of the OHBP club this Tuesday the 24th. All are welcome, so come and join us! Meet at the Familymart on the corner of Yotsubashi-Suji and Nagahori-Dori at 8:30.

Polo in Osaka coming soon…

13 08 2009



We are all ready to roll out now. We have mallets and balls all ready. Still looking for a more permanent location, but in the meantime playing in various car parks around the city. If you know of a good place (pretty big, no obstacles in the way, flat, hard surface etc) please let us know….

In other news we have put our little outpost up on where loads of polo folk from around the world congregate… check them out if you are interested…

And please contact us if you would like to have a go. Don’t be intimidated, we are all new to this too, so don’t worry about being crap, you’ll fit in just nicely. Any bike is fine (but probably not your pride and joy as it may take a few knocks) and we can lend you mallets etc…

Mallets a go go

9 08 2009

マレットを作った! もしかしたら今週はゲームできる!

mallets are made, balls are on route, should be able to start playing this week!

Bike Polo in Osaka

6 08 2009

大阪に住んでる人/バイクポロしてみたい人集まれ!   バイクポロにトライしてみたい人は、コメントを残してな。



Do you live in Osaka? Want to try bike polo? If so please add a comment to this blog post…

Right now some of us are trying to start up a polo club/league and want to know who’s interested….

We don’t know where or when yet, so if you know a good spot, let us know….